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Phobia 13: The fear experiment

Enter the Mind of a Crazy Scientist and Experience the Point-of-View as one of his Victims
"That was the best haunted house I've ever been in. Definitely worth it."~Jena C.

Dr.Phil O'Brian, a scientist who worked at the factory during its final days, was ordered to conduct invasive experiments on innocent people who thought they were participating in a project for brain health. Instead, the deepest fears of the helpless victims were extracted from their minds. Leaving their bodies deformed and their souls trapped.

During the last days of the factory, locals began to disappear and town power outages increased. Well-loved grandmothers, Dads, and Mothers that secretly agreed to be researched never had the chance to return to their safe homes. By the time local authorities realized what was going was too late.

Dr.O'brian only wanted to serve the community, not destroy it. Certain government officials funded his projects and had tortured him into doing these awful things for reasons unknown. Military Warfare? Paranormal Research?

Why were the Phobias of the victims extracted from their minds?

Now the doors are open to you! Every October the factory doors unlock. The patients try to find their way home. The spirits and phobias of the dead haunt the hallways. And the Doctor searches for new victims to add to his research.

  • open every Friday & Saturday in october from 7pm-11pm.

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    or at the door.

  • $18 per person (adult & children).

    A Large Haunted Complex of dark mazes, detailed sets, fog, lights, live actors, and scares. An average walkthrough time of 30 minutes...or all depending on how scared you are. (NO RUNNING PLEASE). Over 8,000 square feet of insanity, 30 years of Haunted Attraction experience, and a full crew of passionate people who love Horror and Halloween. Only for the brave.

  • Blood and gore.
  • Parental guidance advised. 'Monster Shield' Necklaces for the Scaredy-Cats.

  • Rain or Shine.
  • We are an indoor attraction. There is even an indoor queue line just for you!

  • Safety Guaranteed.
  • Handicap Accessible. A Professional but Scary environment.

  • An interactive experience.
  • Walk through the horror at your own pace. No conga lines here.

  • Free Parking.
  • No extra charges. We want to scare you. No strings attached.


Dead Factory Review
This Haunted House is One of the Best in Missouri!

Find Us Here.

We are located at 2100 E. Liberty St. Mexico, MO 65265

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Buy a ticket or'll need someone to hold your hand. Open every Friday & Saturday in October. 7pm-11pm.